Valorize Waste Streams

Valorize Waste Streams

We work with companies who seek a solution for either waste currently going to landfill or who wish to push waste up the value chain.
Do you currently generate a waste stream from your operation which you would like to understand if value can be derived from it? We help businesses understand the chemistry and classification of their waste, and if appropriate, take that waste on a journey to useable product, researching and managing the legislative, processing, storage and logistics options required to make the transformation a reality

Alternative Raw Materials

Alternative Raw Materials

We will put together a detailed and specific style guide that covers all areas of your brand to ensure that anything produced in the future is on brand.



Our goal is to drive innovation in order to take resources on a journey from low value waste to high value product, eliminating liability and creating opportunity.

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What can we do for you?

  • Create value for your waste
  • Find alternative resources
  • Manage all aspects of solution
  • Offer high quality consultation advice

What is our aim?

Our main objective is to streamline our consultancy and products directly to the bottom line of your organisation, saving otherwise lost profit margin whilst simultaneously helping you become more environmentally sound.

Waste Management Company?

Are you a waste management company with waste streams you seek to divert away from Landfill or increase revenue for?┬áIf so then you could benefit from Carbon Action’s years of experience and vast network in the Industrial ecology Field.