Waste Analysis and Classification

The Starting point for most Industrial Ecology projects is finding out what Material you are dealing with because only then can you start the valorization journey.

We offer sampling services as well full laboratory analysis with specialist equipment including XRF, Solid Mass spectrometry, liquid and Gas chromatography.

Raw Material Audits

Are you unsure what waste streams you generate from your processes? Would you like to review raw materials going into your processes in order to ascertain more available or sustainable alternative materials?

Whether its material into or waste out of your process, our extensive material knowledge and far reaching network will help you find and deliver that solution you are looking for.

End of Waste Consultancy

Waste cannot just automatically become a product. It is a minefield of legislative, technical and commercial barriers, all of which require careful and professional consideration.

Let Recircled Resources help you navigate your way through this process.

GIS Mapping

Mapping and Geographic Information solutions provide businesses with better data visualisation and information for decision making.

We provide a GIS reporting service or “bureau service”, allowing clients to benefit from GIS expertise at their convenience without the need for investment in software, data and training.

For example Feedstock mapping for a new waste or energy plant can help find those sweet spots where optimal feedstock meets the closest route to market?

Technology, Storage, Logistics Research

Taking waste from low value material to high value product to a successful outcome depends heavily on how the material can be manipulated and processed into the correct form, where it can be stored and ultimately delivered to the desired location.

Recircled resources has years of experience and extensive networks in all of these crucial areas making the chances of a successful outcome of your idea a much greater reality. Talk to us today.

Bespoke Services

Product Carbon Foot printing, planning and permitting advice, Waste management plans.

Please contact us for more specific details